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WILLIBALD – competence in environmental & recycling technology

The family company WILLIBALD is your experience partner when it comes to shredding, screening and turning organic materials. We offer a specialized range of stationary and mobile processing machines for this.

Founded in 1965 by Josef Willibald in Altheim, near Lake Constance, the company has developed continuously with many innovations and patents in the last 59 years. As a modern and successful mechanical engineering company with a staff of around 70 people, we today produce order-related shredders, screening machines and turners for the disposal industry as well as for biomass and compost production.

We fiercely advocate the optimum satisfaction of the individual needs of our worldwide customers with tailor-made solutions and good, rapid service. We therefore look forward to your special challenges.


WILLIBALD – competence in shredding – screening – turning

We have devoted ourselves, above all, to the processing and preparation of plant-based materials. Our flexible processing machines do not care how thick trees and shrubs are or how many layers the voluminous shrubbery and damp grass have: Our trailblazing shredders, windrow turners and screening systems turn biological waste products such as demolition wood, green waste, manure or compost into valuable, marketable materials such as nutritious humus, processed biogas substrate or wood chips for energy production in no time.

Thanks to long experience and constant further technological development, we now have high-performance shredders for the disposal industry, communes and service providers in our portfolio which can excellently shred even highly problematical materials such as wood waste containing nails or organic industrial waste without any quibble.

With our constant focus on optimization of our products coupled with an open ear for the customer, today, we are one of the world’s leading system providers in recycling and environmental technology with countless innovative detailed solutions. Despite this reputation, we at WILLIBALD place particular value in friendly, uncomplicated and relaxed dealings both internally in the company and with our customers and partners. With regard to the improvement of our products, on the other hand, we will not rest until we have found the best solution.

Always extremely ingenious

Innovations have always been a tradition with us. For our clients they represent significant advantages in everyday work, and for us they’re what excites us. From the masterminds to the developers to the entire team – without that shared enthusiasm for new and better things, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

The list of trailblazing new developments and patents from WILLIBALD is long. From the series production of the world’s first hop cutting machine, through the development of flail mulchers which, for the first time, allowed organic production of wine, fruit and agricultural products, to the rock shredding machine in agriculture. The same applies for the design of our high-performance MZA Series and SR 5000 type shredders for natural materials. And – last but not least – our latest, mobile and flexible high-performance shredder – the EP 5500 SHARK. However, we do not rest on our laurels but forge ahead with our dynamic growth. We will continue to do all we can in the future to add further innovative milestones to these achievements.

The WILLIBALD family business has become a modern, internationally active company with a close-knit dealer and service network in the almost 60 years of its existence. Our aspiration is to remain open for the customer demands and needs of tomorrow and to actively help to shape the future.

Our sites

We are represented in Germany at three sites for our customers. These offer both servicing for all WILLIBALD machines as well as technical consulting and spare parts.

Through our head office in Sentenhart, we offer all service measures for the WILLIBALD shredders, screening machines and compost turners for Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This covers all maintenance work on site at the customers, both machine repairs and technical support for your WILLIBALD machine.

History - WILLIBALD milestones

Groundbreaking chapters in our success story

Hopfenschneidegeräte NEU_crop
Company founding in Altheim

In 1965, Josef Willibald started up his own business and began with the series production of the first patented hop separator.

Expansion with new products

The 1970s saw the market launching of the flail mulcher and the stone breaker.

1984 MZA Favorit_sw
The transformation to shredding technology

The development of the first shredder (mobile shredding machine – MZA series) reaches market maturity.

1986-erster TBU
Innovation as a passion

The first drum-belt turner TBU for compost windrow turning is built.

New company and new site

The company outgrew the previous site and a new building was established at today’s site in Sentenhart. At the same time, J. Willibald GmbH was founded.

Closer to the customer with a branch office

In order to serve customers in Central Germany faster, the Service Center in Unterbreizbach was built.

Development of the high-performance SHARK shredder

Many innovations and suggestions of our customers are incorporated into the successful mobile shredder EP 5500 SHARK.

50-year company anniversary

The innovative mobile three-fraction star screen FLEXSTAR 3000 from Willibald was presented as a new product at the anniversary celebration.

More warehouse space and parts availability

The building of the Logistics Center became necessary to meet the growing need for machine assembly and supply our customers with sufficient spare and wearing parts.

Teambild Willibald vor 500. Shark
500th SHARK produced as a caterpillar version

The anniversary shredder was presented and demonstrated at the IFAT Fair before being delivered to our Portuguese dealer DMCAR.