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The latest WILLIBALD machines for shredding, screening and turning of organic materials are based on decades of development and experience and have many different application possibilities. We have listed the most important initial materials below, but these are not all by any means. If you have special requirements, we will be happy to advise you about the optimum machine for your needs. We will develop the desired solution with you if necessary.

Green waste

Biological wastes

Biogas substrates


Root wood


Old wood

Demolition wood

Wood-like biomass

Trunks and trunk wood

Applications according to branches

We are active in many different branches with the WILLIBALD machine program. Wherever natural materials need to be shredded or reduced in volume, screened or turned, our flexible processing machines come into play. We describe the main areas of application and provide further information for you below.



Wood processing

Volume reduction

Communal companies

Hired service provider

Choice of machine for your application

By selecting the initial material to be processed, you get a quick overview of the available WILLIBALD machines in the areas of shredding – screening – turning and their suitability. For special requirements above and beyond the listed initial materials, we look forward to you contacting us for joint clarification.


perfect match


very suitable




Screening machines

compost turner