A transport pallet, usually referred to simply as pallet, is a flat construction of a specific size for the storage and transport of larger quantities of goods or single heavy articles. Disposable pallets or export pallets are intended for the single transport route from the manufacturer to the consumer and usually not very durable. They are used mainly in export as disposable packing/pallets and remain with the recipient who disposes of them.

For the disposal or recycling of a pallet, it first has to be decided whether it is a Euro pallet or a disposable pallet. Disposable pallets, as the name reveals, are pallets for one-time usage (usually made of pressed wood). These usually land in the shredder or furnace after their first and only transport trip – unless their condition allows further use. Euro pallets, however, are a different issue. If these cannot be repaired by a licensed specialist, the pallets are usually dismantled and then put back on the test bench.

Destroyed or rotten parts of the pallet also find their way into the shredder or incinerator.

Shredded pallets can be put through further thermal or material processing.

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