Our shredders

Impressive shredding technology

Shredders have a long tradition at Willibald. As a specialist for these mobile shredding systems, we can offer you optimally customised machines for a wide range of requirements.


With the high-performance shredder of the SHARK series a large number of materials can be prepared as required with different rotor variants. In addition to the main area of application, composting, and the increasingly important biomass processing, the mobile shredders have also established themselves successfully in biogas substrate preparation.


Thanks to its innovative shredding system, the mobile MINISHARK reliably shreds a wide range of organic materials and is convincing in performance and economy especially with smaller to medium throughput volumes.

UZ 80

The space-saving stationary shredder UZ 80 shreds many different organic initial materials as well as all compost and smaller wood material in no time. The main areas of application of the robust WILLIBALD electric shredder are primarily customers in the fields of composting plants, humus factories or biogas plants.