UZ 80

UZ 80

Electric stationary shredder for continuous operation - UZ 80

Electric stationary shredder for continuous operation – UZ 80

The space-saving, stationary, universal shredder UZ 80 shreds many different organic initial materials as well as all compost and smaller wood material in no time. The main areas of application of the robust WILLIBALD electric shredder are primarily customers in the fields of composting plants, humus factories or biogas plants.

Biogas substrates are processed faster and more productively when they are shredded and separated into fibers.

The electrically driven stationary shredder from WILLIBALD processes a number of biogas raw materials. Sugar beet or grass silage can be shredded, for example, in addition to manure. The decomposition of the substrates allows better stirring properties as well as more efficient further processing in the feeding technology.  Most users integrate the compact shredding system into a conveyor system to automate the processing. In combination with a PV system, the electric shredder can be operated even more economically and environmentally friendly.

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