Spare Parts Service and local Service Centers

Be on the safe side with original WILLIBALD spare and wearing parts

Processing machines are exposed to natural deterioration or continuous wear during operation. In order to bring their full performance reliably over many years, it is essential to carry out all maintenance work on schedule and to replace all worn and damaged wearing and spare parts immediately as necessary. For this purpose, we keep a large number of spare and wearing parts for all produced WILLIBALD machine versions on stock for you at our Logistics Center.

Only our stringently tested, original WILLIBALD parts permanently guarantee you full functionability and lifelong service of your WILLIBALD processing machine.

The basis for a correct spare parts supply is the three-language spare parts list compiled individually for every WILLIBALD machine. If you do not have this, you can order it from us as a PDF file free of charge by stating the appropriate machine number (visible on the type plate of the W°-machine) or download it in the protected customer area for new machines.

For a quick overview, we have summarized the most common spare and wearing parts as well as available service sets in supplementary wearing part overviews for the current machine program.

In order for us to provide you with the right spare parts at all times, we would ask you generally to state the following information with all inquiries and orders:

  • the W°-machine number as on the machine type plate
  • spare parts numbers with article name and required quantity
  • desired shipment type: express, overnight, hauler, collection, etc. the exact delivery and invoice address of the recipient

This guarantees fast and correct shipment of spare parts and avoids unnecessary returns.

Our Spare Parts Sales will be happy to answer your questions about spare parts supplies.

In countries with a WILLIBALD representative, you can also order your spare parts through your contact. They should have all important spare and wearing parts on stock.

Service Centers in the German-speaking region

You have a question about your WILLIBALD machine or need a service technician for repair or maintenance work? You can get fast and qualified technical assistance from our service team at the three WILLIBALD service points in Germany.

Service point Germany North

Raiffeisen Agil Leese eG
Oehmer Feld,
31633 Leese
Tel.: +49(0)5761/92110

Service point Germany Central

WILLIBALD Servicecenter
Im Wolfsgraben 5
36414 Unterbreizbach
Tel.: +49(0)36962/514-10

Service point Germany South / AUT / CH

J. Willibald GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 6
D-88639 Wald-Sentenhart
Free service number: +49 800 – Willibald (945542253)

Service support through worldwide WILLIBALD representatives

Our trained WILLIBALD dealers and service points will also support you with repairs or maintenance of your WILLIBALD processing machine and provide technical assistance. You can also order all common spare and wearing parts through our dealers.

Spare Parts Sales

You need high-quality wear parts or spare parts for your Willibald machine. We will help you quickly and competently: +49 7578 189 130

Thiebach, Jutta

Sales/spare parts sales – International & national sales clerk

Wendland, Roswitha

Sales/spare parts sales – clerk

Ines Hötzel

Hötzel, Ines

International & National Sales Clerk

Heidrich, Maik​

Sales/spare parts sales – International & national sales clerk